October 6, 2022

Where’s Big Tech on Past Weather Laws? (The answer may surprise you)

When I was a sustainability leader at Facebook, we were often challenged to ask ourselves what we would do if we weren’t afraid. After a great battle over past climate laws. I feel like asking the same questions Facebook (now Meta), Google (another former employer), Apple and Amazon, all of whom have been silent during this critical time. and let them The trade association only attacked the bill from 5 Big Tech companies. Microsoft endorses Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – Gently passes intermediaries before the bill is passed. So did Google. after signing

What are they afraid of? We’ll be there in a moment.

For the employees of these Big Tech companies, where climate change is an existential threat, This continued silence about bold public policy doesn’t seem to be connected to the companies they think they know. With ongoing talks about internal sustainability efforts and emissions reductions. and can be seen more and more clearly Appearing at the IPCC Annual COP Conference Over the past 2½ years, ClimateVoice has been working to voice the views of these Big Tech employees. We know that a great policy battle is brewing. we have launched Employee-focused campaigns to encourage the top 5 US technology companies Step up to climate policy

As the Build Back Better Act (with a huge $555 billion investment in climate) swept through the congressional maze last year, We call on companies to strong support And we got the points where they stood. Five tech giants certify climate requirements. Even if it’s weak While the trade association has also broken the bill. attack mediaWhen Build Back Better comes to an end, not all business leaders are desperate to push climate policy forward. Some took a proactive approach, talking about climate requirements still playing out against Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia).

I’ve written about an example set up by another leading tech company – Salesforce – that spoke out loud throughout the spring. The silence of the tech sector on the lawMicrosoft spent another week whispering softly about its support for the IRA as its founder, Bill Gates, is ready to release it. Powerful op-ed billing support

This room is known for its tactics to prevent climate costs. And this latest policy showdown is no exception.

What made Big Tech return its full support for its brave climate policy? measure zoom in Regarding IRA tax provisions, that’s one concern. last minute provisions share repurchase tax It is certainly on Big Tech’s radar. However, as a whole, the protocol’s coverage also uncovers the most important political obstacle: the dangerous role of trade associations. The three powerful trade associations representing these companies are the United States Chamber of Commerce. National Manufacturers Association and business round table Rushing Out Against the IRA.

These trade associations still represent all of the Big Five — except Apple, which it left years ago under the late Steve Jobs — still belong to the US Chamber of Commerce. This room is known for its tactics to prevent climate costs. And this latest policy showdown is no exception. In a final attempt to turn over, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema ran the US and Arizona chambers. desperate ads in eleven hours according to history will show they failed A crack appeared on the Merchant Guild’s Wall of Invulnerability. It’s time to build a rift and make these powerful companies stand against the obstacles of these umbrella groups.

After the IRA’s passing, we saw how important this turning point was for our future on the planet. Heat breaks records around the world fire and flood and now the news of Rapid global warming in the Arctic — The ominous signs are endless that we must push and apply policies to scale. decarbonization rapidly throughout our economy.

It’s important to remember that an IRA represents a starting point. not the end The approach has ushered in an era where strict climate policies — at the federal, state, and local levels — will accelerate and shape our transition to our clean energy future. of them — and the devastating trade guild — and join us in this battle. Employees will watch to see if they do so.

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