August 16, 2022

Video and links: Lessons from Canada’s climate change record

Video and links: Lessons from Canada’s climate change record

Video and links: Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainable Development,
Office of the Auditor General of Canada: Lessons from Canada’s Climate Change Record

Thank you to Canadian Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) Commissioner Jerry V. DeMarco and Directors James McKenzie and Kimberley Leach of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, who joined the Environmental Law Center online to discuss the lessons learned over the past 30 years and opportunities related to federal climate change action. We are happy to share the recording of the discussion, images and related links.

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Useful links:

Recent OAG infographics, videos, etc. on climate change lessons:;;

Recent UN intergenerational workshop on justice including materials and video at the bottom of the page:

All recent CESD news:

OAG’s Twitter account, which includes CESD-related content:

Canada’s Net Zero Emissions Liability Act:

The Federal Sustainable Development Strategy page, including the new draft strategy, which is open for comments: a specific page about posting comments:

Greenhouse Gas Pricing Act Annual Report (which appeared in the chat):

For those interested in the petition process:


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