October 6, 2022

Trick or Trash: Promote Circular Economy Participation Through Education

Date/Time: 15 September 2022 (2 PM ET / 10-11 AM PT)

It is estimated that 600 million pounds of candy are consumed in the United States each year during Halloween. The materials used for candy packaging are notoriously difficult to recycle. Most of them end up in landfills. That’s why Rubicon created Trick or Trash™, an educational program designed to help reduce the amount of waste that accumulates every year during the Halloween season. Free gift wrapping paper recycling boxes for schools, universities, small businesses. and non-profit organizations Give the community a fun and easy way to help make Halloween more sustainable!

Each trick box or bin prevents hundreds of wrapping paper. Pieces out of the landfill Rather, it’s a recycling study that’s tied to Trick or Trash—that teachers give to students. Business owners with employees and customers and community leaders for members—inspiring a lifelong commitment to promote a more circular economy and a more sustainable world.

in this webcast You’ll hear from the Trick or Trash Alliance making the program a reality in all 50 states. Rubicon, g2 Revolution, and the National Wildlife Federation will discuss learning from the front lines of sustainability education: from broad implementation of the program. to collaborating across multiple networks and audiences. to driving tangible behavior change Panelists will share unique insights about “What works” for sustainability studies and their idea of ​​inspiring communities to contribute to and support a circular economy future.


  • Suz Okie, Director of Design Strategy and Senior Analyst Circular Economy GreenBiz Group


  • Katie Kinnear, Director of Engagement Strategy, Rubicon
  • Kristy Jones, Director of Higher Education Programs National Wildlife Federation
  • Rachael Kroll National Account Manager g2 Revolution LLC

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