August 16, 2022

Transparency in Fashion – Behind the Clothes Exhibition – Grace Green

Originally written on June 6, 2016

The Behind the clothes exhibition Curated by sustainable fashion designer Bruno Peters is all about working with a sustainable ethos.

This is an exhibition of sustainably redesigned clothes (“The Clothes”) from Bruno Peter’s past collections and activism T-shirts and portraits honoring the fashion production team involved in the creation of the fashion production team (“Behind the Clothes”). Honest by collection. The idea of ​​the show is stirring, a gentle fuel of possible actions and collaborations and inspires a dialogue about activism, and highlights the idea of ​​starting to work ecologically locally with yourself, your work, and your community. In and around Belgium, there are notable textile manufacturing houses that are working with ecological practices that are featured:

Libby’s Linen

Ecological clothing

Debruyne Sun

Print Unlimited

Located in a Gaunt harbor warehouse in Antwerp near the MAS museum, the Behind the Clothes exhibition is strong and bold and stylish and ecological and supportive.

Behind the Dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com1
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com2
Behind the Dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com3
BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com4 behind the dress
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com5
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com6
Behind the Dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com7
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com8
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com9
Behind the dress BrunoPieters-greyishgreen.com11

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