October 6, 2022

Shareholders are critical to keeping Amazon accountable for sustainability.

while all 15 investor-backed resolutions Raised during Amazon’s latest shareholder meeting, died on the vine. There was at least one flickering hope. Nearly half of the shareholders voted. in favor Calls on the company to tackle the growing plastic packaging problem — the highest level of support among all resolutions considered and among all Amazon shareholder resolutions. vote for until now Shareholders demand greater legitimacy from Amazon’s leadership on sustainability. and their battle must go on.

resolution arises from An eye-opening report According to Oceana, Amazon produced 599 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2020, an increase of 29% since 2019. Plastic packaging waste in the form of air pillows will circle our planet more than 600 times. with such trends as well almost 90 percent of customers concerned about plastic pollution

Amazon’s harmful environmental impact is greater than the waste generated by packaging. Last year, 600 Amazon employees. sign the declaration Call on companies to tackle pollution concentrated in communities of color The retailer’s expansive warehouse empire tends to expand in the available zip codes. higher percentage of black, as opposed to corporate offices located in suburban areas such as Palo Alto, California and Arlington, Virginia.

The company hasn’t been fully cleaned. by requesting that the Carbon Disclosure Project report not be disclosed to the public

Amazon has no problem convincing some of the numbers involved in its sustainability commitments. Especially if those numbers are tailored in a way that shows the company in a positive light. For example, Amazon will only. be responsible For the total climate impact of products labeled with the Amazon brand, they account for just 1 percent of online sales. That means the total environmental impact — the lifecycle of use and disposal — of bulk products purchased from multiple third-party markets is not taken into account.

After being embarrassed by getting an F grade, Amazon deserves to continue to reveal its footprint. Carbon Disclosure ProjectA global sustainability initiative, the company hasn’t fully cleaned up yet. by requesting not to disclose the report to the public Unlike most companies that have faced investor heat for environmentally unsafe practices. even Amazon’s Latest Sustainability Report It collects disappointing data about an 18 percent increase in carbon dioxide emissions from last year. which is behind nearly 100 pages of interesting anecdotes about their sustainability efforts.

Although some Amazon shareholders may feel hopeless after the recent failure of sustainability proposals. But they are on the right track. As one critic understand After the event, even a proposal that was only 20 percent or 30 percent approved sent a clear message to the committee that the issue had to be resolved. More and more shareholders are focused on ESG and analysts who may downgrade the stock because of the risk the investor offer will expose.

Perhaps without the financial position of former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the plastics reporting resolution would have passed. own At least 10 percent of the company’s stock This allowed him to shape the company long after he resigned from leadership in an active organization.

However, there is no indication that Bezos’ influence will become less significant in the near term. That makes the battle from Amazon shareholders even more necessary. And it confirms why they need to go ahead and make sure their sustainability commitments aren’t just empty promises.

There is a constant and necessary change in how Americans view Amazon, especially around ESG, and its shareholders play a crucial role in this transition.

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