October 6, 2022

On Running is trying to make the shoe more circular.

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It’s really a vicious circle. I bought a pair of running shoes run on the ground Converted into work shoes at the field. And finally, I piled them together in pairs. until my family said it was time to get rid of it I currently have four pairs of running shoes in rotation, with 10 relegated to the bench. Like many people who are worried about the environment I have a sense of illusion that I am doing “good” things by holding on to things. indefinitely Although I have no use for it anymore.

Much has been written about the options for donate, recycle, resell and repair Shoes. But you don’t need those shoes. It might be a good option. However, there is evidence that most of what we donate to charities is sent overseas. and most are landfilled or incinerated due to higher supply than demand (see here and here). So what should a conscious consumer do? sportswear company on There may be a solution. Queue. Cyclon Subscription Program And the new Cloudneo shoes…

‘Shoes You’ll Never Own’

It’s hard not to stick to this slogan. There are a lot of shoes I’ve never owned, like Manolo Blanics, UGG boots or clogged wood (Obviously there’s a “Clog Outlet”?) Running shoes? I thought they could all be mine. If I want them bad enough

I never run in running shoes. When I found out about the Cyclon program, I did some research and found the company’s story incredibly interesting (read now for yourself when you have the opportunity) I’ve heard good things. about this pair of shoes, and if so Good enough for Roger Federer.Obviously good enough for me. So I decided to get in touch to see if I could talk to them about the Cyclon program and try on new shoes.

First, let’s talk about shoes. In my humble opinion, they are beautiful in spite of their starkness. The plain white is the antithesis of almost every running shoe on the market that seems to get brighter and more colorful each day. The good news? There’s a method for all this white madness. On has created shoes with fewer chemical contaminants for better recycling with the removal of added coloring agents.

Second, the material behind these shoes is innovative. They use a material called Pebax Rnew from Arkema S.A.derived from castor seeds I’m not one to shout from the rooftops that biomaterials are the last and forever solution for our sustainable future. But in this application is quite an exciting development. Pebax Rnew can be adjusted during processing to achieve bounce in the sole. As well as the comfort and support in the upper, it is the only material used in Cloudneo, simplifying recycling. In addition to using this new medium, On has an in-house lifecycle assessment team working to quantify the environmental impact of the new program, while LCA is notoriously challenged when it comes to lifecycle expiration issues. This work can help guide On as they adjust, adjust, and adjust the program to move forward.

Third, let’s talk about this experiment at the level On is working on with the Cyclon program. François-Xavier Dosne, Head of Innovation and Business Strategy at On about the Dosne programme, said, “We love what we do. But it’s not easy.” “Products are challenging. But all subscriptions are not easy. We built a new business within the business.” The project was on his desk in January 2020, meaning more than two years of planning, testing and learning had begun. including new website features regular payment service Planning for reverse logistics, warehousing and next items, Dosne said Date On is live with Cyclon. That’s a big deal for us.” There was a lot of enthusiasm about this program from the start.

Finally, something a little softer. On is building a community of runners through Cyclon to help educate companies on how they work in their products as a service economy. People, including me, are excited about the opportunity to communicate directly with the companies that make their shoes. And On appears to be excited to engage with these users to learn and grow. The company has called the first customers. Check-in in the United States

One drawback I see with the Cyclon program and Cloudneo shoes is the price. At $30/month, a few points have to be true to make these worth the investment for most people:

  1. They (probably) have to be your only pair of running shoes. as i said I usually have two to four pairs of shoes in circulation at any given time. This is definitely a personal preference if you add Cloudneo to your rotation like mine. You’ll pay a lot of money during downtime.
  2. You have to run for miles. The math here for me is pretty easy. I generally run about 300 to 350 miles in one pair of shoes and pay anywhere from $100 to $150 per pair. That means I need to run at least 60 miles a month for the math to work for my CloudNeo subscription. But something to consider if you only wear running shoes and don’t run for miles.
  3. You must be a “premium shoe.” Obviously, these are not the entry-level pairs you can buy from the discount shelf. On makes premium products and asks for a special price on this subscription service. They do not charge unfair or odd prices. But it’s just a premium price.

If these three things are true and you care about shoe waste This program is something to consider. Really cool video on the website

I’m pulling On to get this permission over time. and other companies follow leadership We all know that new business models It must be part of the circular economy approach. And this is a pattern that can create a big problem with shoe waste.

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