October 6, 2022

Meet Patrick Beckley from the Climate and Society Class of 2023

Meet Patrick Beckley from the Climate and Society Class of 2023

Patrick Beckley

Patrick Beckley is joining the Climate and Society Master’s program this fall. He is interested in implementing climate solutions locally and globally.

This fall, the Columbia School of Climate is welcoming a new class of students Master’s program in climate and society. This 12-month interdisciplinary program teaches students to understand and address the impacts of climate change and climate variability on society and the environment.

The incoming class of 2023 includes 80 students with diverse backgrounds and career paths, impressive skill sets, and big plans to help people and the environment.

State of the Planet will be interviewing some of these extraordinary students in the coming weeks. In the Q&A below, you can meet Patrick Beckley, who currently works as an Environmental Engineer at the EPA and looks forward to developing solutions that build community resilience and adaptability.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you became interested in studying climate?

I was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in Kenya and the United States. Living in different environments gave me a global perspective and understanding of common environments. After studying environmental science in high school, I knew I wanted to solve environmental problems to make a global impact. So, I majored in chemical engineering with a focus on nanotechnology and sustainability at Howard University and found career paths that focused on making environmental impacts.

What specifically drew you to the Climate and Community program?

There is always something new to learn and I loved the interdisciplinary approach to learning about diverse topics with an environmental lens. This is an opportunity to learn with clear minds in different contexts about how to collaborate and apply climate solutions. Columbia has an amazing faculty and I am excited to join the student and professional organizations. The opportunity to study climate in New York City is also very attractive because of the great challenges and opportunities that the city offers.

What are you most excited to learn about while you’re here?

I am interested in environmental economics and how to successfully create solutions that contribute to community resilience and adaptability. Other subject areas I am looking forward to are design, policy, engineering and communication.

How does the program align with your career goals?

This program will give me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the environmental space and help me to effectively implement climate solutions locally and globally.

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