August 16, 2022

How ESG teams and finance can drive business and social value.

Date/Time: 28 July 2022 (2 PM ET / 10-11 AM PT)

As companies pledge to improve their ESG goals, it’s time for leaders to show progress toward those goals. ESG leaders can find competent partners in their finance team to create audit-ready reports that investors hold. reliable It shows stakeholders not just your environmental, social and governance goals. but also how you will achieve those goals.

In this webinar, Chris Ruggeri, Principal at Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, and Mandi McReynolds, ESG Head for Business Reporting Platform Workiva, will share practical steps for the ESG and finance team to add value. How Technology Can Help Make Better Decisions New ESG and Financial Leaders Survey and Results

after this event You should be able to:

  • Restore strategies for prioritizing ESG goals, actions, and resource allocations.
  • Explain how technology can be a tool to help leaders make ESG strategic decisions.
  • Explain how to shift the focus from reporting on past performance to analyzing those reports in order to realize a long-term, forward-looking strategy.


  • Joel Makower, Co-Founder and Chairman of GreenBiz Group


  • Chris Ruggeri Principles of Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics LLP
  • Mandi McReynolds, Global Head of ESG, Workiva

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