October 6, 2022

How does the private sector get public funding for natural climate solutions?

There is no ultimate shortfall in explaining the Inflation Reduction Act. With $369 billion in various climate requirements, it is The largest climate passed in the US In the country’s most politically divided era And even with all the dollars and drama The unfinished wonder is that the new law takes a historic approach to using nature to tackle the climate crisis. with an estimated value of $30 billion.

How will natural solutions to climate change play a huge role in this climate law? Although the bill was severely cut in the final negotiations. It’s not a natural solution. “Forgotten solution,” Always be the first on the barber room floor. What makes this time different? The five-year adoption of corporate leaders in nature-based solutions may play an important role.

The embrace began in earnest during 2018 Global Climate Action SummitThis makes “land and ocean stewardship” a key challenge area for world leaders. feel like every sound including corporate leaders They regard the role of nature as indispensable. Announces commitment to natural solutions Standing alongside clean energy and other sectors

ever since Government and private climate leadership are increasingly intertwined, for example, as states of the US Climate Alliance develop and operate. Nature and work challengesWe are seeing parallel growth and rapid expansion of corporate initiatives such as Walmart’s Gigaton Projectand the entry of new companies keep increasing to natural investment

This momentum accelerates in 2020 with presidential election Joe Biden and the climate-saving Democratic Party. Along with the development of 1t.org US Chapter, the most diverse forestry alliance ever There are large-scale forest climate pledges coupled with pledges. From state governments to Girl Scouts, let’s look at 1t.org’s ambitions for US 101 million plants by 2030, and revised that to 1 billion because it broke its initial goal in one year. driven by customer.

I can say from firsthand experience that this sends a message to climate-conscious elected officials. I have been doing direct contributions to forests and climate change since 2007 and for the most part. Forestry organizations also support the role of our sector as part of the solution.

Having companies from across the economy validate forests and other natural climate solutions. resulting in a new level of credibility. when they put valuable public money into natural climate solutions. They can expect matching private funds and action-ready branches that successfully turn the public dollar.

The positive impacts include how companies has helped prepare in various fields clearly and delicately Consider that the Inflation Reduction Act includes a remarkable $1.5 billion in capital-focused urban forestry grants through the U.S. Forest Service. Lawmakers are willing to make this investment because they see the existence of well-prepared urban forestry cooperation in cities across the country, from Phoenix to Detroit, Seattle to Miami. have which has been assisted by companies such as bank of america, Salesforce and Microsoft. This support has included development. tree stock score analysis so that the cities can drive investment with real data Capacity building for frontline partners and provide funding to support human resource development projects

Finally, corporate leaders have stepped up to use their connections with lawmakers to support natural solutions alongside their direct business interests in legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act.

Combining public and private forces can make the difference between an effective step in climate change and a game-changing leap.

Microsoft, Walmart and Salesforce discussed the law the most on Twitter and LinkedIn, according to an analysis by nonprofits. influence map and ClimateVoiceBut more and more companies have helped develop this law and speak for the natural investment within it.Another example is 30 companies ranging from outdoor industry leaders (REI) to multinational consumer goods. (Unilever) Sign a letter of support For the bill, this is in contrast to the bill published by the major trade associations.

I am writing all of this not only to celebrate corporate leadership looking back. There are a few important lessons here.

  1. Corporate investment in natural solutions can be corroborated. and when done with excellent quality It will affect how governments will implement policies and funding.
  2. Enterprise investment in holistic capacity building Not just a one-time project Help the field to demonstrate readiness for public investment.
  3. Winning Climate Policy including natural solutions A diverse organization is needed that combines support and communication efforts. and play to the strengths accordingly

Each of these points provides an opportunity to re-evaluate current nature-based efforts. and design future corporate engagement for maximum leverage. This will become even more important when the Inflation Reduction Act is enforced. and corporate partners will have the opportunity to strategically adjust their dollars and support them for rigorous, fast and scalable implementation.

We can also expect action to stimulate more traditional public-private partnerships. in pursuing ambitious goals The government will have to use a new system. Improved supply chain and better data collection They also need help recruiting, training and mobilizing new employees. Who would answer this call better than the diverse conglomerates that helped spark this capital in the first place?

Combining public and private forces can make the difference between an effective step in climate change and a game-changing leap. It could be the difference between planting a few trees and shading an entire city. Revitalize a few acres or bring flexibility to the entire landscape. Fight the worst effects of climate change and truly reverse global warming.

Let’s make this historic moment bigger and take this opportunity together.

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