October 6, 2022

Faculty focus: Franco Fobini

Faculty focus: Franco Fobini

By Emily Tenaglia
|August 10, 2022

Franco Fobini's headshot

Professor Franco Faubini will teach Sustainability Management this fall.

Professor Franco Fobini is the founder and CEO of Natura. Believing that by engaging people with the true taste of fruit and vegetables, we can collectively change the way food is produced and supplied, Franco has created a supply chain based on transparency and direct relationships that is the first of its kind. .

With Natoora, Franco has brought together the best independent producers and innovative chefs and home cooks from across Europe, the United States, and most recently, Australia, to revolutionize the food system. Challenging intensive, year-round production methods, Natoora’s unique approach to seasonality and sourcing has been elevating flavor for over a decade, actively shaping the way top chefs And consumers cook and understand food all over the world.

What initially led you to pursue the field of sustainability?

This is the reason behind the creation of Natoora Jobs, a company that acts as a driving force in the movement towards a better food system.

What attracted you to Columbia’s School of Climate and School of Professional Studies?

I was invited to the sustainability management class. The Columbia School of Climate and the Earth Institute also played a major role in this field.

What course are you teaching this fall and what are you most excited about?

I will be teaching Sustainability Management and am excited to get students on the path to sustainable careers.

What changes do you hope to see in the future in the field of sustainability?

I hope to teach sustainability courses in the core curricula in the early stages.

What advice do you have for students looking for a career in sustainability?

Hope for the change that is in their hands.

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