February 5, 2023

Columbia’s School of Climate welcomes new faculty member Jessica Fanzo

Columbia’s School of Climate welcomes new faculty member Jessica Fanzo

Headshot of Jessica Fenzo

Jessica Fanzo will join the Columbia School of Climate in July as a professor of climate.

Jessica Fanzo, a leading researcher in the interdisciplinary field of food systems, will join the School of Climate faculty in July as professor of climate, Columbia School of Climate founder Alex Holliday announced Monday.

Fanzo comes to the Climate School from Johns Hopkins University, where he was the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Global Food Policy and Ethics and director of the Hopkins Global Food Policy and Ethics Program. Previously, she worked at the Columbia Earth Institute, where she served as director of nutrition policy at the Center for Globalization and Sustainable Development, as well as director of nutrition at the Center for Global Health and Economic Development. He has also held roles at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the School of International and Public Affairs.

Fanzo’s research focuses on the relationship between agriculture, health and the environment. These need to be studied together so that food systems can achieve greater diversity and quality of diets, as well as better nutritional outcomes, while drastically reducing carbon footprints and building resilience to climate change. He also works on restoring food security and agriculture-based livelihoods in post-conflict areas through better governance and food policy. One of his current projects is the creation of the Food Systems Dashboard, an open-access platform that provides content to inform food and environmental policy choices.

Jessica has been a member of high-level task forces for USAID, the G20, the EAT-Lancet Commission, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and was the team leader of the High-Level Expert Report on Food Systems and Nutrition of the UN Committee. On food security over the past 15 years, he has been a Nutrition Policy Officer for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a Research Scientist at Bioversity International, a Program Officer in Evaluation and Monitoring for the REACH Interagency Partnership at the World Food Program of the United Nations, And was a program officer. for a medical research program with a focus on global health initiatives at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Fanzo is widely published and the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the first winner of the Daniel Carasso Premio in 2012 for his work on sustainable food and diets for long-term human health. He holds a PhD in Nutrition from the University of Arizona and a Stephen I. Morse in immunology at Columbia University.

His return to Columbia as a faculty member of the School of Climate furthers the school’s commitment to addressing climate and food, as well as many other important sustainability challenges facing society.

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