August 16, 2022

Columbia’s School of Climate has been named a university partner for New York Climate Week 2022

Columbia’s School of Climate has been named a university partner for New York Climate Week 2022

The Climate Group has selected the Columbia School of Climate as its academic partner for Climate Week in New York. Climate Week in New York takes place from September 19-25 and brings together key climate leaders to accelerate climate action and is the largest global climate event of its kind.

“Columbia Climate School is proud to partner with Climate Week in New York for this series of agenda-setting events at a moment of heightened urgency in the fight against climate change,” said Alex Holliday, founder of the Climate School. “The kind of collaboration and collective action offered by Climate Week NYC aligns with our school’s values ​​and our efforts to turn knowledge into action to answer the greatest challenge facing our planet.”

Now in its 14th year, Climate Week in New York is a key time of year for businesses, governments, civil society and global audiences to showcase leading-edge climate solutions and discuss how to do more, faster. This has been instrumental in creating a global movement towards climate action.

Several in-person events during New York Climate Week 2022 featuring experts from Columbia’s School of Climate will be held at Columbia’s campuses in Morningside Heights and Manhattanville. Information about speakers, delegates, and the schedule of events can be found in the new Climate Week NYC website.

“We are excited to partner again with Columbia Climate School for Climate Week in New York,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group. “Universities have a key role to play in public education, providing clear analysis of progress and science-based goals, and creating the next generation of leaders who can ensure climate action is embedded across all sectors, so we can build a better future for it. All.”

It was established in 2020The Columbia Climate School represents Colombia’s historic commitment to tackling the climate crisis. The first new school to be established at Columbia in 25 years, it serves as a center for research, learning and action. The Climate School builds on Columbia’s strengths to solve problems, educate future climate leaders, and generate the knowledge needed to design and inspire solutions, as a window into preventing the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change. it was made. The second class of incoming students will enter the university campus this month.

Last year, New York Climate Week hosted more than 500 events from nearly 30 countries around the world. This year, the week will continue the momentum with in-person events on ten themes: the built environment, energy, environmental justice, transportation, finance, sustainable living, nature, politics, industry and food.

“This is a critical decade for achieving deep reductions in carbon pollution and averting the most catastrophic impacts of climate change,” said Daniel Zarilli, Special Adviser on Climate and Sustainability at Columbia University. “By naming Columbia’s School of Climate as an academic partner for New York Climate Week 2022, The Climate Group acknowledges the critical role universities like Columbia play in empowering the next generation of leaders and delivering solutions now that help us It helps to end our addiction to fossils. Fuels We look forward to participating in a successful Climate Week as we all work to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and create a livable Earth for the next generation.

Four of the university’s top climate experts are leaders of the Columbia School of Climate: Alex Halliday, who is also director of the Columbia Earth Institute; Jason Burduff, founding director of the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy; University Professor Ruth DeFries; and Maureen Remo, director of Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

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