October 6, 2022

Columbia’s first Climate School graduates are headed for exciting careers

Columbia’s first Climate School graduates are headed for exciting careers

Photo: Michael DiVito

With the end of summer internships, the first graduates of Columbia’s Climate School are heading out into the world to put their knowledge into action.

These students have spent the past 12 months learning about climate change and social science in this country Master’s program in climate and society. This interdisciplinary graduate program, offered by the School of Climate in collaboration with Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, prepares professionals and academics to understand and address climate change and the impacts of climate change on society and the environment. teaches

What can you do with a climate and society degree? Below are just a few examples that illustrate the variety of career paths students can take. Their roles range from consultants and communications officers to scientists, and they bring their climate expertise to startups, government agencies, advocacy organizations, and more.

  • During the program, Maya Kashapov He has been one of the biggest advocates of his class for carbon removal technology. At the beginning of summer, he happily joined Capturais a startup focused on removing carbon from our oceans. He has followed their CEO, Steve Oldham, since his undergraduate days, when he was CEO of Carbon Engineering – one of the world’s first, largest and most successful carbon removal technology companies. He would email her every year, commenting on her work, asking about job opportunities, and updating her on what she was doing in the decarbonization space. This year, when Maya was a week away from graduation, they called and he offered her a role in developing the business. He started as an intern and will continue there after the summer.
  • Liam McAuliffe He has a passion for working on clean energy transitions and was excited by the challenge of becoming a professional clean energy analyst and strategist. Previously, she worked in communications at the Sierra Club and American Rivers. He gladly accepted the offer to cooperate with it Ministry of Power Office of Multilateral Climate and Clean Energy Cooperation through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. In his role, he will work on international clean energy dialogue, diplomacy and strategy with partner countries and organizations.
  • Several alumni including Elizabeth Nguyenhave accepted proposals to join the new approach to climate and sustainability Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Elizabeth originally envisioned working for an NGO after the program, but was drawn to BCG to expand climate impacts across sectors. He is excited to work at BCG on a wide range of climate-related projects for businesses and governments to scale climate solutions. This summer he was conducting research on climate migration and climate conflicts for the Red Crescent Climate Center and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
  • this summer, Alisa Petrosova As an expert in storytelling and research for good energy, a fictional advice for the age of weather. Their mission is to “inspire, support and accelerate stories in scripted and television” with the goal of integrating climate change into 50 percent of scripted programs and films by 2025. The founder recently asked Alyssa to stay on because she’s already become a script. An important member of Alisa’s team, in her role, she is engaged in the design and development of the company’s consulting branch. She conducts research to develop climate storytelling workshops and uses popular off-air shows as exercises for integrating climate change into stories. He now works as a consultant himself – for example, helping the writers of a podcast to make the year 2070 with climate change.
  • George Meddings is with CGIAR (formerly known as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research), an organization whose work has been widely cited throughout its tenure in the Climate and Society Programme. In her role as a visiting researcher in climate security, she will work at the intersection of climate-smart agriculture, household resilience and climate-related vulnerabilities. George is keen to work around the world, so he was delighted to accept the CGIAR offer, along with the opportunity to join his team members working in Africa, Central America and South East Asia after a period in London.
  • Nicole Lohr She came to the Climate and Society program with 10 years of marketing and communications experience and felt that the C+S degree could help her work towards a leadership role in both her career and climate. At the beginning of the summer, he became head of digital and social content Aether diamondwhich converts CO2 into diamonds from direct air absorption.
  • Hi, let’s go As a climate resilience consultant for SLR, a global environmental and sustainability consulting company. He will work on climate adaptation initiatives at the community, state and regional levels.
  • in June, Sarah Hutchinson And her cat Rosie hopped in a U-Haul and headed to her home state of Michigan, where she’s been working since April as a climate data science officer. He works with both State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and his University of Michigan, ensuring that statewide climate goals are accurately monitored and evaluated.
  • Brianna Carbajal As an energy justice policy intern with We act for environmental justice in Behar and now serves full-time as the organization’s state legislative director. They are responsible for coordinating state legislative and policy work, advocating for state-level policy priorities, advising staff on the current climate and environmental policy landscape, and working directly with state legislators and agencies to develop programs and policies. are those who promote environmental justice. For the Northern Manhattan community

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