October 6, 2022

Chapter 331: New British Prime Minister Facing Environmental Anxiety

This week’s runtime is 41:50.

Review of the week (4:45)
England’s Changing of the Guard (15:05)

How Britain’s new prime minister stands on the country’s net-zero agenda, James Murray, editor-in-chief of BusinessGreen Drop by and see how MNCs can expect Liz Truss to deal with the energy and climate crisis.

What does it mean to be a leader in climate action? (25:10)

GreenBiz Vice President and Senior Analyst Dylan Siegler spoke with Renee Lertzman, a climate psychologist and environmental strategist who works with Google and the White House. Talk about how sustainability and ESG leaders can be powerful during uncertain times. Bringing you perspectives and insights from Haley Lowry, Dow’s global director of sustainability.

*Music in this section: Lee Rosevere: “And then,” “more on that later,” “start the day,” “under suspicion,” and “let it sink in.”


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