August 16, 2022

Chapter 325: ‘Green Premium’; Electricity can prevent inflation.

The working time of this week is 38:32.

Review of the week (4:45)
Leadership Lessons: Bess Winston, The Winston Agency (17:40)

This spring, the WSLA Alumnae Group recognizes 11 women at the forefront of the sustainability profession. These leaders make a difference by developing new technologies or strategies. by overcoming personal and professional obstacles and by pledging to mentor other women Meet one of the 2022 awardees: Bess Winston, Founder and Owner of The Winston Agency, a Washington, D.C.-based strategic support and communications firm.

Highlights from VERGE Electrify (23:55)
  • Patti Poppe, CEO, PG&E — On the role of EVs in balancing the grid and how PG&E is building the business case for electricity.
  • Martin Heinrich, Senator, New Mexico — Using Electrification as a Revenue-Cutting Strategy for Dictatorships
  • Jigar Shah, Director of Credit Program Office, Department of Energy — Clarifies the concept of green premiums.
  • Saul Griffith, founder of Rewiring America; Founder and Principal of Otherlab — How Electricity Keeps the Inflation Prevention (IN) Community

*Now song: Lee Rosevere: “And then,” “Quirky small town characters,” “Questions,” “I’m going to have coffee,” “Let it sink in.”


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