August 16, 2022

Chapter 324: IDEO Teams with H&M, Mid-Rank Banks Accept ESG

The working time of this week is 52:06.

Review of the week (8:20)
Leadership Lessons: Grace Kwok Alliance Sustainability and Environmental Consulting Group (25:30)

This spring, the WSLA Alumnae Group recognizes 11 women at the forefront of the sustainability profession. These leaders make a difference through technological advancements or new strategies. by overcoming personal and professional obstacles and by pledging to mentor other women Meet one of the 2022 awardees: Grace Kwok, Chairman and Executive Director of Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group.

IDEO Brings Sustainability with Design to H&M (33:05)

IDEO London Partner Emilie Colker on how design can guide sustainability solutions and our partnership with H&M.

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