August 16, 2022

Chapter 323: Boris Johnson’s Climate Legacy Seth Godin Addresses the Climate Crisis

The working time of this week is 52:53.

Review of the week (2:50)
Boris Johnson’s Climate Heritage (4pm)

James Murray, Executive Editor BusinessGreen UK media organization Addresses the prime minister’s progress in tackling climate change. which surprised many critics. “In zero net and weather conditions He’s a really strong voice,” Murray said. The chaos associated with his exit raises questions about what will happen next.

Leadership Lessons: Heidi de Cienfuegos, B100arquitectos (25:10)

This spring, the WSLA Alumnae Group recognizes 11 women at the forefront of the sustainability profession. These leaders make a difference through technological advancements or new strategies. by overcoming personal and professional obstacles and by pledging to mentor other women Meet one of the winners in 2022: Heidi de Cienfuegos, Co-Founder and Director. B100arquitectos It was one of the first architecture firms in Central America specializing in bio-design and sustainability.

Seth Godin tackles the climate crisis (35:20)

Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and marketing guru is adding a name to his CV: Founding Editor. Carbon lognew collection “It’s full of ideas, data, perspectives and resources to help us understand the reality of climate change. and what we can do to combat it.” He stopped by to talk about the project.

*This episode song by Lee Rosevere: “And then” “4th Ave. Walkup”, “more on that later”, “quirky small town characters”, “it’s like that when I got here” and “let it sink in. go”


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