August 16, 2022

Can Climate Tech deliver on its promises?

Date/Time: 8 August 2022 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT)

Climate change is a concurrent threat and an unprecedented opportunity to create a more ecologically reformed world. social justice world Can technology solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges by avoiding the past and unlocking the latter? Is there anything else besides the technology that is most needed right now?

Climate technology solutions that can transform energy, transport, food and decarbonization markets have demonstrated enormous potential to face the climate crisis and improve people’s lives. But between the real-world effects of climate change making these solutions more urgent and the confrontation of political momentum and the economic downturn. How are these technologies likely to deliver on that promise?

Join GreenBiz analysts covering four of the most dynamic climate technology markets to share what they are tracking and forecasting. Among the things we will explore:

  • Play situation and market trends in clean energy sustainable transport Carbon Removal and a new food system
  • The next generation of technology that is about to become mainstream. including technology that is not yet ready for scaling But it has the potential to be disruptive to accelerate climate progress.
  • How are these market trends likely to develop during economic downturns and political pushbacks?
  • An opportunity for your company or industry to engage with climate technology.

If you can’t watch live You can register to access webcast footage and resources archived after the webcast.

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