August 16, 2022

As a global warming fuel, it records extreme heat emergencies, reducing vulnerability now and always CO2

Even as the central, southern, and southwestern U.S. plains once again face a persistently intense heat dome, triple-digit temperatures following previous heat waves have, as predicted, ignited dozens of wildfires in southwestern Europe. has launched Thousands of heat-related deaths have already been reported in Spain and Portugal, and the actual figures are always lagging behind.

Britons are bracing for the hottest temperatures in centuries today. On Monday, Columbia University climate scientist Simon Lee tweeted this observation About the Met Office, the country’s weather and climate agency: “In 2020, @metoffice Provides a hypothetical weather forecast for 23 July 2050 based on UK Climate Forecasts. “Today, Tuesday’s forecast is shockingly about the same for large parts of the country.”

Comparison with 2050 forecast and 2022 reality

Source: UK Met Office

Out-of-scale heat across Europe has already sparked a series of dramatic events, including ice avalanches in Italy and Kyrgyzstan.

There have been so many broken heat records, so many headlines and red alerts—not to mention failures of climate policy—that there is a risk of the more crippling “psychological numbness” I recently wrote about. In the field of climate change and pandemic damages – and just when more interaction and action is needed.

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