August 16, 2022

Action on climate emergency is necessary, but Biden’s declaration is a mistake

Action on climate emergency is necessary, but Biden’s declaration is a mistake

Below is an excerpt from A Maintain what a blog post.

With the left building renewed pressure on President Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency, the time has come #words The phrase’s entry is both about the broader use of “emergency” in the climate context and about what presidents and other leaders can or must do under laws such as the US National Emergency Act of 1976.

Words related to climate change

I am not against this statement. This is a great starting point for a solution-focused discussion. What is your definition? Who has an emergency? What local and global forces drive it? What are the solutions?

I’m with old climate campaigner Bill McKibben (His last mission) and Princeton Class of 22 Hannah Reynolds (in the nation) about the deeply fractured and dangerous state of humanity’s relationship with energy and climate.

Climate emergencies abound—most of them still the result of context Vulnerability emergencies. And without escalating drastic measures to slow warming by cutting off and absorbing heat-trapping gases, much of which is the result of the world’s fossil fuel consumption, humans will end up with what James Howard Kunstler put it in 2005 as “Long emergency(Which is why he’s joining my webcast today with writers Erica Geiss and Eric Sanderson).

But I disagree with McKibben, Reynolds and dozens of others on the merits, politically and practically, that Biden is moving from his convenient rhetoric now — that we’re in an emergency and why — to the official stage.

read the In-depth reporting and other background Produced by Goitein and others at the Brennan Center. I also appreciate this visual starting point from the center:

So join me today at 1 p.m. You’ll meet Erica Gies, journalist, author of Water Always Wins, a world tour that points to the existential threats that arise when people forget reality in the title, as well as paths to building a life. It shows more. A respectful relationship with water, and Eric W. Sanderson, senior ecologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, best known for his best-selling book, Manahetta.

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